Monday, 4 January 2016

Christmas 50-Essay Questions

Media Christmas 50-Essay Questions

Christmas 50-Representations

Media Christmas 50-Representations

What is Distribution

What part of the supply chain is distributed?
Third part of the film supply chain

What is distribution often referred to?
It is referred to as the 'invisible art'- this is a process known to those only in the industry.

What does 'vertical integration' mean when discussing distribution?
 This means where the three stages- production,  distribution and exhibition are seen as one process instead of being separate.

Why isn't 'vertical integration' so common in the independent sector?
Producers tend to not have long term economic links with distributors which therefore means they have on links to exhibitors

What three stages are involved in the independent sector?
Licensing, marketing and logistics


What is licensing?
The process by which a distributor requires legal rights to exploit a film.

What are the two levels of licensing?
International Distribution and Local Distribution

What is the advantage of being a major US studio? 
They have their own distribution offices in all major territories.

What there different types of rights can you acquire on a local level?
Theatrical  Rights- cinema, Video rights- video and exploration and TV rights.                                                     
What are royalties?
This is paid to the producer by the distributors. This is taken from the profit that the film makes. This profit is then shared equally to the producer for theatrical leg, pay back higher royalties, broadcast rights, and lower for video and DVD. 

What is most effective way to increase interest in a film? 
This is releasing it, in a theatrically way- meaning in cinemas. 

How long does it take for a film to reach 'free to air' TV? 
It takes two years after being released in cinema. 

What are the two key questions surrounding the marketing of a film? 
'When' and 'How'

What day are films typically released on? 

They are in the uk, typically released on Fridays 

What will a distributor look at before releasing a film on a Friday? 
They will look at the schedule of film releases on the Fridays and will look at the Friday with the least releases. 

What is a 'light' week in terms of distribution? 
This is when there are only a few films due to be released on the schedule.

What does it mean to 'position' a film distinctively?
This is distributors making sure that they avoid releasing their film at the same time as similar trait films, this being-genre,story subject and country and origin. 

Why has this become increasingly difficult in the UK? 
In recent years, there has been at least 10 new releases a week scheduled. 

What are P&A? 
This is costs of print and distribution.

How much are P&A costs?
This can range from less than £100,000 to 1 million for release of film in the UK.


Typically how many prints will a 'specialised' film have? 
 'specialised' films will have less than 10 prints. 

How many will mainstream films have? 
They will have over 200 prints.

What is a key factor in developing the profile of a film? 
Press Response

How else can awareness of a film be raised?
Advertisement in magazines, newspapers and cinema posters. 

Why is distribution in the UK seen as risky? 
Cost of print for advertisement is high. 

Why are companies looking towards viral marketing?
Because advertisement and marketing is at a low cost and effective. 

What are the benefit of a 'talent visit'? 
It wins significant editorial coverage for support with release. 

In the pre digital film age what was a distributor responsible for? 
Arrange transportation of films to the cinemas across the UK. 

How much does a 35mm print typically cost? 
£1,000. If it is subtitled it would be double the amount. 

How many reals is a typical feature print? 
This would be either 5 or 6. 

Why do 35mm prints get damaged?
Because they go through many different projectors 

Where are prints stored? 
UK's central print warehouse in West London.

How long did a theatrical release used to last? 
This used to last 6 months. 

When did digital distribution begin in the UK? 
Towards the end of 2005. 

Name two advantages of digital distribution: 
1) It is cheaper 
2) Easier to transport as it can be done through computer files than having to deliver them through delivery vans. 

Which countries adopted digital distribution early and why? 
China and Brazil started digital distribution

How many screens were digital in 2005 and how many are now? 
211 I'm the UK in 2005. 

Why has digital distribution radically altered the operating model of distributors? 
This is due to the low cost of film copies and digital distribution providing a greater flexibility in distribution.

What has happened to the typical release period for a film? 
When film is still in cinema, it is available to pre order on DVD or Blu-ray.

What is a loss leader ansd why are companies using the cinema as a potential loss leader? 
A strategy where a product is sold below its market cost to attract customers. Companies use rthe cinema to this, so therefore it attracts a large audience therefore they will want to get the product, them and a large number of other people that got to the cinema, once or even regularly. 

Monday, 7 December 2015

Class and Status


In the first quiz "What class are you really"? i got traditional working class. I do agree with this result as i am not very "posh" however neither am i "less fortunate". I would say stereo typically traditional working class is the most common class in our society and i think it describes me quite well. - "You’ve worked hard, you’re doing okay, and frankly anybody who looks down on your because your job isn’t a fancy one can shove it. You’re the bedrock of the country, you live a good life, and you’re proud of that. If you were a vehicle, you’d be a good old Transit Van. But a nice one, not one of those old clapped out ones." 

In the second quiz i received the result of being technical middle class. I also think this is a fair representation of me as i like to socialise with people similar to myself and i enjoy going to the gym and using social media. I believe these quizzes base the result of your class on your personality. This could be a unfair representation because someone could have a very different personality to their family even though their family could be seen as "posh" and this means they could be seen as "middle class". - "This is a small, distinctive and prosperous new class group. According to the Great British Class Survey results, lots of people in this group:

  • Mix socially with people similar to themselves
  • Work in research, science and technical fields
  • Enjoy emerging culture such as going to the gym and using social media".
How class is measured & categorized

Upper Class: The upper class is the social class composed of those who are rich, well-born, powerful, or a combination of those. They usually wield the greatest political power.
Middle Class: The middle class is the most contested of the three categories, the broad group of people in contemporary society who fall socio-economically between the lower and upper classes. One example of the contest of this term is that in the United States "middle class" is applied very broadly and includes people who would elsewhere be considered working class. Middle class workers are sometimes called "white-collar workers".
Lower Class: Lower class (occasionally described as working class) are those employed in low-paying wage jobs with very little economic security. The term "lower class" also refers to persons with low income. The working class is sometimes separated into those who are employed but lacking financial security, and an underclass—those who are long-term unemployed and/or homeless, especially those receiving welfare from the state. 

I believe the labels given to each class and status are wrong. This is because you can get someone from a very "posh"/ "higher class" family however they decide to be more middle class and have different personalities as to how they act. This is just the same for a individual from a lower working class family to have a higher class personality or behave differently to their family out of their own decisions. I think the categorized labels people are given are just based on stereotypical views of people.

How is class represented through mise en scene in TV dramas?

This clip from Downton Abbey represents the upper class and the lifestyle they live. At the beginning of the clip its shows an establishing shot showing off their big posh mansion. The clip then moves on to show a woman sat in her very fancy bedroom, the colours and furnishings give the idea of a very expensive room and a lot of money spent. The plain but sophisticated furnishings represent a very relaxing and mature atmosphere. The lighting in this scene can also be mentioned as it creates a relaxing mood. The clip then moves on to the characters in the show being shown in their posh and very smart costumes. The suits, dresses and very over the top clothes clearly shows a wealthy family.

This clip is from the TV drama Shameless and shows their lower class and status. It starts of showing their dirty and very basic house they live in. The walls are very plain and the furnishings are very old and ruined. They then move on to mentioning the family including 6 children, this is a stereotype for lower class families to have bigger families and more children which could suggest them receiving more money. Finally their clothing and appearance suggests them belonging to a lower class as they are dirty, old and look very bland. Most of what they wear are plain tshirts and jeans. Frank is also shown to have unkempt and greasy hair which could suggest that lower class people are "dirty" and "lazy".

Saturday, 5 December 2015

Representation of age


In the tv drama Hollyoaks Scott aged 27 is seen as an immature, party obsessed man. He likes to fake tan, drink and party a lot. He is stereotyped as this type of man because of his 'immaturity' however really its because of his age. As he is only 27 he is stereotyped to be 'not experienced' in life or typical hard situations. The tv drama likes to show him partying all the time and always getting into trouble or causing it, i think they do this to suggest how his age effects his maturity.

Another character in the tv drama hollyoaks is stereotyped because of his age. This is Ziggy. In the video below it clearly shows that Ziggy is seen as the typical fit young man that everyone girl fancies or likes to look at. He is the typical 'womanizer'. He likes to strip a lot and work out. He is also stereotyped to be stupid or a bit clumsy because he is the typical good looking one that inst very clever. 

Thursday, 26 November 2015

Representations of sexuality

Eastenders clips of sexuality:

These two clips are from the tv drama Eastenders and the clip shows Christian and Syed's homosexual relationship at Syed's wedding to his fiance. It shows Christian turning up to the wedding just after Syed has told her about his sexuality. The second clip shows Ben telling his dad he is gay. As soon as Ben starts talking his dad Phil gets emotional so he clearly knows what his son is about to say. Phil gets upset about his son being gay which could suggest gay isn't 'normal' or right for a young boy. This is how it is being represented throughout these two clips. It is also clearly seen as wrong when Syed's fiance says she 'feels sick' thinking about it. I think these two clips from eastenders are trying to show how homosexual people can be made to feel or treated for their sexuality. 

Pretty little liars sexuality clip:

This clip is from the american tv drama pretty little liars and this girl is called Emily Fields. Emily struggles to understand her sexuality and finds it hard to tell people or admit she is gay. She is in a lesbian relationship with a girl called Maya and they try to keep a secret until Emily finally decides to tell her parents. The clip shows her speaking to her dad about her sexuality, as soon as Emily mentions she is gay her dad instantly blames her friends or people around her and him and his wife agree it isn't normal for her. Her parents are suggesting homosexuality as being wrong or not normal however it clearly is perfectly normal. Some of these thoughts could just be due to their culture and beliefs. Overall i think this clip from pll is trying to influence more people to tell their parents as Emily felt better about herself and although her parents didn't agree with it she felt comfortable to show Maya off and not hide it anymore.

Skins sexuality clip:

These two clips are from the tv drama skins. It is representing heterosexual sexuality. There is a girl called Effy and two young lads see her for the first time. Freddie sees Effy first in the car and JJ says she has nice eyes and hair and then goes on to say 'nice breasts' this is objectifying women and showing this sexuality and these types of comments to be normal and acceptable. This is also proved when Cook says JJ's dad is mad for saying somethings are best left for the imagination. This shows Cook is only thinking about one thing when looking at Effy and that is sexually. I think these two clips are trying to show how men speaking to women like they do in this clip is wrong and unnaceeptable. Showing thi in a tv drama is a way to show people how it can make some people feel.